The 3 Emotional "Triggers" That Cause
Rapid Weight Gain In Women Of All Ages…

PLUS 3 Simple Tips To Turn It All Around And
Create Ongoing, Accelerated Weight Loss

By Andréa Albright

Woman Measuring WaistlineDid you know that there are specific emotional “triggers” in women that have a direct impact on how much body fat you store, how rapidly you store it, and even how much unwanted water weight you carry?

Did you know that these triggers are hard-wired into your nervous system, and that the weight gain they cause is NOT your fault?

Did you know that there are 5 things you can do, starting today, that will help flip these fat-producing “switches” inside your body to the OFF position—AND that doing this will enable your body, no matter how long you've struggled with issues of weight gain, to more easily and quickly restore itself to your ideal body weight?

If this is all news to you, don't feel alone. This is cutting-edge research that's too new to be found in most books, and unless you have dedicated your life to reading boring clinical studies on weight loss, and the psychology of women, there's no way you could have known about this until today.

My name is Andréa Albright, and for the past 11 years of my life, I've done just that. In fact, I've dedicated my time and my career to discovering the hidden, often mysterious reasons why women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s, start gaining weight…and why we struggle to LOSE weight, even when dieting and exercising.

Ladies, the good news is that, while achieving your ideal body is your right and your responsibility, the REASONS for your weight gain, even things like, "I eat too much," or, "I don't have the willpower to exercise," is NOT your fault.

The blame rests solely upon what I call your emotional fat-storing triggers.

These 3 triggers are the emotional states YOU MUST
if you want to reboot your fat-burning
metabolism, reclaim your health, and
achieve your ideal body.

Below, you'll find these 3 triggers, and you'll also discover the first steps you need to take to flip the fat-storing switches off, and at the same time, empower your body to naturally begin burning more fat…

Emotional Trigger #1:

The Stress TriggerYou may not think of stress as an emotion, but it's rapidly being recognized as the primary trigger behind most of your negative emotional states. Stress creates a virtual cocktail of toxic emotional states. You've definitely felt these emotions: anger, hurt, overwhelm, anxiety, and even depression. All of these emotional states are generated by stress, and they trigger the body to start storing excess fat, as well as cause you to age faster.

Many women I work with don't even know how dangerously high their chronic stress really is. That's because, like you, they're strong-willed. They can mentally handle so much, but unknown to them, their adrenal glands simply cannot. The Mayo Clinic published a study in 2012 that documented stress as one of the number one causes of hidden weight gain, and adrenal fatigue was the primary reason.

Your adrenal glands rest atop your kidneys. When any stress in your life occurs, they release critical "fight or flight" hormones. These hormones are crucial in real emergencies, but your body doesn't know the difference between the intense daily stress you are under (work, family, emotional hurt, etc.) and being chased by a tiger!

That may sound silly, but not too long ago in human history, being chased by a tiger was a real possibility. So our bodies adapted this "fight/flight" adrenal response. The problem is simple: these hormones include high levels of cortisol, the primary fat-storing hormone, and at the same time drains your adrenal function. Why? Because unlike tiger-chasing, your chronic, often hidden stress is ongoing.

Your glands were never designed to handle this level of emotional and physical stress, so guess what happens? This stress triggers your hunger response! You turn to food because your blood sugar crashes after these hormones are released. That means you crave sugar and other fattening foods. Yet as you can see, this isn't because you lack “willpower”—it's because your body thinks it NEEDS it.

Stress must be handled, and the topic is too broad to cover in one article. However, to reduce your stress and cortisol output, look into eating foods with more L-Theanine in them. L-Theanine is an amino acid that's often depleted in stressed-out women, and it helps reduce cortisol.

Supplementation is faster, of course, and more effective, but foods high in L-Theanine include spinach, brown rice, green tea…


Emotional Trigger #2:

Happy Woman Eating CakeMany women are shocked when they hear me speak about how joy, one of the most positive emotional states we can experience, can lead to excess weight gain…but it's true.

Now, don't worry—of course, I encourage joy. You just need to be aware of a few of those “switches” that a state of misplaced joy can flip on—switches that say, "Let's store some FAT!"

The women who struggle with fat gain and the emotion of joy are often raised in families that associated food with feelings of accomplishment, pleasure, and excitement. For example, think back to the time when you were a little girl. Maybe you played sports, or you knew friends that did. When you or they won the 'big game', did you celebrate by eating pizza or ice cream?

Almost universally, I hear, “YES!” when I ask this question.

There's nothing wrong with that…unless you're a child whose brain is forming connections between an emotion and a response.

As you became a young adult, every time you experienced the emotion of joy—through a victory, a good grade, a great date, you name it—your brain was triggered by what's known as an anchor. You form mental anchors all the time by accident.

Think about your favorite song in high school. Now, if you heard that song today, wouldn't you immediately think about high school? Of course—it's an anchor!

The American Journal of Psychology has numerous studies on how we anchor pleasure and joy to food. It's what I call misplaced joy. Again, your sugar or fast food cravings when you feel joy is NOT your fault. You “accidentally” anchored pleasure to food, so please, don't blame yourself.

Here's one step to take to break the anchor: simply recognize it. I know, that sounds too easy, but noticing it is there will often lead you to react differently to the anchor. Just recognizing, "Hey, I'm craving X food right now, and I'm in a great mood—that's the anchor!" is a fantastic first start.

From there, you can work on consciously choosing a different action. You can literally reprogram that anchor to whatever you desire.

For example, you can say to yourself, "Okay, I feel joy…and I crave X…but instead, I'm going to eat Y every time I feel this way." "Y" might be something simple, like an apple. And, that doesn't mean you can't THEN enjoy your "X" (ice cream, pizza, etc.) You'll eat far less of it, and eventually the apple will be the first thing you think about when feeling joy.

Your anchor doesn't have to be a food. It can be whatever healthy alternative you like. For example, you could choose 10 deep, stress-reducing breaths, a nice brisk walk, or to call a friend and just chat.

It takes about 45 days to reprogram an anchor, so give yourself the patience you need…


Emotional Trigger #3:


I saved the most common trigger for last… and the solution to eating out of frustration is something I've dedicated my life to solving.

You see, I was obese for a long time. Look below: that's picture of me in my 20s, weighing almost 200 pounds at well over 40% body fat, and a picture I took right before my 35th birthday this year. I'm now a healthy size 2, and I've maintained this weight for over 10 years—all without starvation diets or doing endless hours of cardio.

Andréa Before and AfterSo ladies, if I can do it, you can to do it…

The secret is to recognize the power that the emotions associated with frustration have over your body—and to know exactly how to overcome it for good.

Once you do this, weight gain will be a thing of the past.

Here's what NEVER works:

Frustration leads directly to stress, and we have already covered how devastating stress is when it comes to fat gain, water weight, and rapid aging. But frustration also triggers the emotional response of anger.

Anger eats away at your very soul.

At first, most women direct their anger outward. We lash out at our loved ones and friends, or perhaps we just sit around and simmer.

Eventually, that anger caused by frustration turns against YOU.

You then start hating yourself—your body, for looking and feeling the way it does. Your mental state, for allowing yourself to get into this condition (you see, you don't realize it's not your fault, and that your body is simply responding to these trigger states.)

Even your spiritual state begins to suffer. I even know women who gave up on living entirely due to this absolute killer combination of stress and frustration that leads to self-hatred and anger.

“So, What Do I Do Next?”

Here's the good news: adopting a REAL solution to these issues can relieve frustration—quickly and permanently.

Real solutions are always based in the real world. They do not demand that you start eating like a hummingbird, or that you live your life on a treadmill that goes to nowhere.

REAL solutions for REAL women is my life's mission. I've discovered these solutions. I've taught them to hundreds of thousands of women just like you. And, these solutions WORK. They work with you, not against you. Most diet plans and exercise routines work “against” your personality and lifestyle—and that will never, ever work for you.

If you want to read more about the specific solutions I suggest—the weight loss, water weight loss, and body-shaping solutions that actually WORK for today's modern woman—then click the "Next Page" button below, and I'll share them with you today…

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